Double Square Rolling Handle


Handles specially designed for Armwrestlers and others engaged in sports that require grip & wrist strength.
Allows you to practice rowing, pull-down etc. in combination with wrist & finger training, with both arms or one at a time. All in one exercise!
The square shape fills a function for Armwrestling strength, which you simply have to test yourself to understand how well it works.



  • Handles specially designed for Armwrestlers.
  • Used to train rowing exercises, pull-downs, etc. in combination with wrist & finger training. All in one exercise!
  • Used to train with both arms simultaneously or one arm at a time.
  • Made entirely of steel and contains no wear parts that need replacing. Works just as well after 10 years as when it is new. Built to last a lifetime.
  • Exposes wrists and fingers for a load that can be directly transferred to Armwrestling through the rotating grip surfaces.
  • The handle is easily connected to a cable machine in either the upper pulley for pull-down training or in the lower pulley for rowing training.
  • Works great for both dynamic (movement) or static (hold still and withstand the load).
  • Perfect tool for training wrist flexors in combination with static finger strength.
  • The handle connected to a cable machine gives training all the way from the back to the fingers.
  • NOTE! This handle cannot be compared with Rolling Thunder or similar rolling handles, as it generates completely different types of load. The square shape fills a function for just Armwrestling strength, which no other handle can mimic.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 22 cm

50x50mm, 60x60mm


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