Grip Strength Rehabilitation Tool – Bundle

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Grip Strength Rehabilitation Tool – The product for those who want to train and/or rehabilitate the finger flexors, ie the inside of the forearm, hands & fingers.
Can NOT be compared to grippers, as this is a rehabilitation product that is anatomically designed to give an evenly distributed load on all fingers, which grippers don’t.
Small & easy to carry in your pocket, to be able to rehabilitate when you want.

The package contains:
1 x Grip Strength Rehabilitation Tool – Easy
1 x Grip Strength Rehabilitation Tool – Medium
1 x Grip Strength Rehabilitation Tool – Hard

Read more about the products in the package here: Grip Strength Rehabilitation Tool

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  • Used to train the fingers flexors.
  • Exercise to counteract pain and problems that may occur with too much one-sided training of finger/wrist flexors.
  • Prevent & rehabilitate medial epichondylitis (golfer’s elbow).
  • Activate musculature, tendons & nerve function on the inside of the forearm/hand/fingers after an injury, surgery or other that has caused weakening or motor failure in these areas.
  • Help rheumatologists maintain and build the strength of the inside of the forearm & fingers.
  • Preventing the emergence of symptoms or rehabilitating pre-emergent disorders.


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