Resistance Band – Bundle

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Resistance band for all types of rehabilitation & training exercises.
The optimal training tool! Easy to carry and can be used anywhere.
You can easily increase the resistance by using several resistance bands at the same time, which many people appreciate as you avoid the increased width that comes with resistance bands with higher resistance level.
Can easily be attached to fixed objects for eg pronation/supination exercises, different types of rowing exercises, walking and sprint resistance.
Effective tool for functional training, such as strength, flexibility, agility and speed.
Also suitable for warm-up, rehabilitation, recovery and stretching.

The package contains:
1 x Resistance Band – Easy (5 – 15 kg)
1 x Resistance Band – Medium (16 – 30 kg)
1 x Resistance Band – Hard (31 – 50 kg)

Read more about the products in the package here: Resistance Band

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  • Length: Approx 208 cm (82″)
  • Width: Different depending on resistance
  • Material: Latex
  • Color: Different depending on resistance


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