Rolling Handle

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Handle with 60mm/2.36″ diameter for exercising grip & wrist strength.
Allows you to practice lifting exercises, rowing exercises, pull-downs, etc. in combination with wrist & finger training. All in one exercise!
Many have tested lifting weights mounted on a Loading Pin with a Rolling Thunder handle. It is a fun way to measure lifting strength where the strength depends on your wrist and finger strength. The disadvantage of the original handle from IronMind is that due to friction they wear out relatively quickly and already within a year the handle rotates sluggish, which makes you believe that you lift more weight when it really is due to the increased resistance in the handle.
You can avoid this problem with our Rolling Handle! It rotates just as well after 10 years as it does when it’s new. In addition, at a significantly lower price, compared to the US prices for an RT handle that is about 90-100 USD. An original RT handle is also partly made of plastic (!), compared to our handle which is 100% made of steel.

The package contains:
1 x 60mm Rolling Handle

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  • The equivalent of the IronMinds Rolling Thunder handle and measures 60mm/2.36″ in diameter.
  • Used to train lifting exercises, rowing exercises, pull-downs, etc. in combination with wrist & finger training.
  • Made entirely of steel and contains no wear parts that need to be replaced. Works just as well after 10 years as when it is new. Built to last a lifetime.
  • The handle is most easily connected to a so-called Loading Pin for lifting exercises or to a cable machine/cable-cross in either the upper pulley for pull-down similar training or in the lower pulley for rowing-like training.
  • Works great for training both dynamically (with movement) or statically (keeping still and resisting the load).
  • Perfect tool for training wrist flexors in combination with static finger strength.
  • NOTE! We recommend lubricating the handle’s moving contact surfaces about once a year in order to maintain optimal rotation and avoid squeaking sounds. The handle is delivered pre-treated with lubricant upon purchase.

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Weight 1.500 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 20 cm


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