Terms & Conditions

International customers only! Swedish customers, see the Terms & Conditions here!

General Terms & Conditions:
  • Minimum order amount excluding shipping costs is displayed in the cart.
  • We only allow orders from customers that is 18 years and above. If a purchase is made in contrary to this condition, we reserve the right to cancel the order without any further notice.
  • A purchase made in our store is binding and you are obliged to make a full payment for the order. If you want to cancel your order, you need to contact us immediately.
  • You as a customer is obliged to provide correct information during the purchase. Armsport Sverige AB can never be held responsible due to faulty information provided by the customer.
  • We will report any fraud or attempted fraud to the police.
  • Armsport Sverige AB reserves the right to refuse orders from customers at any time.
  • Armsport Sverige AB reserves the right to refrain from fulfilling an order if there is suspicion of crime or improper procedure.
Personal data:
By accepting our terms you acknowledge that you understand and agree to:
  • Armsport Sverige AB is allowed to save any information you supply during the order.
  • The information is stored for administrative reasons and is used to handle your order and to simplify possible upcoming orders.
  • The information is stored to maintain the commitments made on the company according to the Consumer Purchase Act and the Distance Contract Act.
Armsport Sverige AB commits to these terms and confirms that the information gathered is stored securely and that this information will never be shared with a third party.
Return Policy for EU customers only:
  • You as a customer, have the right to cancel your purchase during the first 14 days since the purchase according to Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament.
  • The customer is always responsible for paying shipment costs and all other costs in regards of returning the product.
  • Before cancellation, you must FIRST contact us. Go to this page: Complaints & Withdrawal to cancel your purchase.
  • You are only able to use the right of withdrawal/cancellation of purchase if the product is unused, the packaging need to be unbroken (if it’s a sealed packaging) and the product must be undamaged and in the same state as a new product.
  • The right of withdrawal/cancellation of purchase is not applicable if a sealed packaging is broken as the product can’t be reselled due to health concerns.
  • Refund after approved return of product, will occur within 30 days from the approval and the payment will be refunded through the payment method used during the purchase.
Return Policy for non-EU customers only:
  • We don’t accept returns/withdrawal/cancellation from customers outside of EU, with the exeption of faulty products (see Complaints & Warranty below).
  • By making a purchase you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to these terms, which is done by checking the box “I have read and accept the store’s terms and conditions”.
  • We have no legal obligation to provide such a service and cannot provide any exceptions to these terms.
Complaints & Warranty:
  • As default we don’t provide a specific product warranty, instead we follow the laws & regulations statued by the European Union (see below). The exception is our products marked with “Premium”, which comes with a 5-year world-wide warranty from the date of purchase.
  • We follow the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights. Read more: Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament.
  • The directive statues that we are obligated to give the customer a complaint time of 2 years from the purchase was made. Although we have chosen to extend this period to 3 years!
  • If a product is broken when received and the fault is originated from the manufacturing process, then you need to contact us BEFORE sending it back to us. The same procedure goes for any fault that is detected AFTER the product is received and the fault didn’t occur due to improper use. To send a complaint go to this page: Complaints & Withdrawal
  • If a complaint is sent and the faulty product is determined to have broken due to improper use or by external damage, you will be obligated to pay a handling fee that starts from 495 SEK.
  • For more information about your rights as a customer, please see EU Rules – Guarantees and returns.
  • If you aren’t happy with our service or the resolution of a complaint with us, you have the possibility to make an official dispute through Online Dispute Resolution provided by Europa.eu.
    Read more here: Out-of-court procedures for consumers
    If you wish to open a dispute you can do it here: Online Dispute Resolution
  • Shipping damages should ALWAYS be handled by the shipping company and we urge you to contact the company which handled the shipping if you notice any damage on the packaging and/or on the products.
Delivery terms:
  • Handling: We normally send orders within 1-2 days on weekdays (monday to friday) with the exception of holidays. If you place an order on a weekend or during a holiday, your order will be handled the first weekday that occurs after the weekend/holiday.
  • Delivery time: 1 to 8 weeks, depending on your location. The delivery time includes a handling time of 1-5 working days (see above).
  • EXCEPTION: At times when we are overwhelmed with orders, the handling & delivery time can be delayed beyond what is stated above. This also applies during the holiday period (June – August) and in connection with Christmas & New Year. During the holiday period (June – August) we only send orders 1-2 times a week, which means that the delivery time can be longer than usual.
  • Shipping damages should ALWAYS be handled by the shipping company and we urge you to contact the company which handled the shipping if you notice any damage on the packaging and/or on the products. If you don’t get any help, then please contact us for assistance.
  • Armsport Sverige AB can never be held responsible for any shipping delays. Contact the shipping company regarding questions about delayed shipping.
Prices, VAT & Shipping costs:
  • VAT is currently added with 25% for customers from a country inside the European Union.
  • Customers from countries outside of the European Union (eg Norway, USA etc) will not be charged VAT at the point of purchase, but are obliged to pay any customs and VAT charges invoiced by the shipping company or the authority that handles customs duties and VAT.
  • The prices in the store should normally show the prices with correct VAT included/excluded depending on country. If for some reason the store system cannot locate the customer’s location, the prices can be displayed incorrectly with/without VAT. However, this is always corrected at the checkout after the customer has submitted their address information. When the customer submits their address information correctly in the checkout, the prices are always displayed with the correct VAT amount included/excluded and the total amount shown includes/excludes VAT and possibly shipping costs.
  • The customer is always solely responsible for any cost relating to customs and taxes. Armsport Sverige AB will never be responsible for any such costs.
  • Shipping costs is calculated during checkout and is depending on which product you ordered, measurements, weight and the destination of the delivery.
  • Disclaimer! We don’t take any responsibility for any unintentional errors regarding the prices & fees displayed in our store. The final amount to be payed can be adjusted if the faulty price highly deviates from the correct price. We always do everything we can to display correct prices.