Failed Armwrestling Straps…

Hello dear customers!

Ever since we started this shop, we have been aiming to develop good & cheap products. Armwrestling Straps are one such product that we have struggled with a long time. To design the perfect strap, with a durable buckle and strap material that is better than anything else on the market. We simply want to create the best strap in the world!
Since then, we have sold our standard straps, which have been cheap and well functioning. However, with the disadvantage that the buckle breaks at high loads due to the hard plastic buckle. These straps obviously work well in daily use, but we have never been really happy with them, even though the price was insanely low. Unlike other stores, we do not want to sell products that breaks and thus force customers to return to buy new. However, some major competitors have this as a business concept.

At the end of 2019, a delivery of what we thought would be just the perfect strap, arrived. However, we were a little naive to think that a metal buckle would be the solution to the sustainability problem. Unfortunately, it had other side effects. Where the most important was a lousy usability! That is, the strap was more or less unusable for its purpose. It was neither possible to tighten it properly nor to loosen it properly … Sometimes not everything is down to plain logic. Our logic was that if a buckle “looked” identical to the previous plastic buckle, but can handle higher loads, would be equal to win-win. But that was not the case …
So we opted for listening to customer feedback as well as our own testing, withdrawing sales of the new Premium straps and discarding them. A very expensive lesson for us, especially since we are a small company that does not really have room for such expensive mistakes.
But we decided to move on. We have stubbornly decided to produce the perfect strap. AND NOW it seems to have happened. We have now received samples on a strap with a nylon buckle that meets all our requirements for durability and function. We so wish that we had found this buckle right from the start, then everyone had known about Armsport Store’s straps. The new buckle can even withstand higher loads than the metal buckle and is tested up to 190kg without the slightest defect(!!!) AND works as intended when used. The manufacturer also says that it is most likely to handle significantly more than that, given that there was no deformation at that load.

So in the midst of the grief & disappointment of the discarded straps and the financial loss, the joy of finally having succeeded! We cannot be more satisfied than this. The new strap will appear in the store in early February. And we can promise it does not disappoint anyone!

Have you purchased the new straps with metal buckle? Contact us then we will send out a free package with the new straps when they come in!

With warm greetings,