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We have now removed the temporary flight surcharge for shipping to Australia, Canada, China & USA!

We have now removed the temporary fee in addition to the shipping cost for shipping to Australia, Canada, China & USA. This means that only the usual shipping cost is charged to these countries.

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We stop selling Multispinner Handle & Wrist Wrench Handle …

Unfortunately, our manufacturer of these handles has suffered a personal tragedy and thus the handle manufacturing will be put on hold…
We are truly sorry for this and unfortunately there is no other manufacturer that can manufacture these completely unique handles. We still have a bunch of handles in stock, so if you want to be sure to get one before they run out, you should hurry up before the stock runs out.

Of course, we hope that our manufacturer will be able to resume production in the future, but at present there is no plan for when this could happen.

You can find our Multispinner Handle here!
You can find our Wrist Wrench Handle here!

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Temporary flight surcharge for shipping to Australia, Canada, China & USA!

Unfortunately, we are forced to charge a temporary fee in addition to the shipping cost for deliveries to Australia, Canada, China & USA. The amount of the fee varies between 10 SEK upto 92 SEK (about 1 upto 10 USD), depending on the weight and the destination country and the fee is shown at checkout. However, we have chosen NOT to charge this fee for shipments that weigh more than 2kg, which means the fee is included for larger parcels.
This fee has been temporarily introduced by PostNord, similar to all other freight companies, to compensate for the increased costs for shipments by air. The increased costs are mainly due to the severely limited air traffic that still prevails. Hopefully this fee don’t remain too long and we hope to be able to remove it as soon as possible.
We hope that our customers understand the situation and understand that this is out of our control.

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We have been alerted about an error in our shipping fee calculator plugin that occurred after the latest update, which caused shipping fees in some cases to be summed up instead of gradually increased depending on weight. This caused shipping fees that are completely absurd in comparison to the actual weight…
NOTE! For clarity: No customers have payed the elevated shipping cost. The error has only affected certain regions and certain shipping options. Our guess, however, is that people who have encountered this issue have chosen not to shop with us, which is hard for a small business like ours.

We are so very sorry for this and are really sad if customers left the store due to this, which is completely understandable. The technical issue that caused this error has now been fixed and all shipping fees are now displayed correctly at checkout. Shipping fees to some EU countries and also countries outside the EU are still higher than usual. We hope that the Covid-19 situation will soon settle down and that shipping costs will drop as air traffic returns to normal, as the severely limited air traffic is the cause to the much higher costs for shipping companies and also contributes to longer shipping times.

If you have any questions about shipping fees, notice any issues or just have general questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

EDIT: To compensate for any inconveniences, we offer a 10% discount on all products for the remainder of the month.
Enter code: sorry
in the shopping cart or at checkout to receive a 10% discount on your entire order.

With warm greetings
from a cold Sweden

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We also stop sales to the UK!

Due to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, which occurs on December 31th 2020 and the fact that they are introducing a requirement for e-merchants to register for VAT, we will stop all sales with effect immediately. This is to avoid the problem with shipments that are sent before the due date, with the risk of arriving after the due date.
We know that we have had very many satisfied customers from the UK and it’s with great sadness that we now close the doors for another country.

We are really sorry for this, but hope for understanding.

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Sales to Norway is stopped…

Due to the new rules introduced by the Norwegian authorities in 2020 (the VOEC scheme), which means unreasonably regulations & demands on a small online store like ours, we will stop selling to Norway with immediate effect. We apologize for the inconvenience, as we have been happy to receive Norwegian customers in our store.
We had a big sale of Armwrestling Straps to the Norwegian Armwrestling Association during the spring and it is not impossible that more sales may take place, as other rules apply to sales to companies & organizations.
We know that we have had very many satisfied customers from the Norway and it’s with great sadness that we now close the doors.

We are really sorry for this, but hope for understanding.

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We can now offer sales to the whole world!

We have now opened up to receive orders from all over the world!
Unfortunately, shipping prices are relatively high in Sweden compared to other countries and unfortunately there is not much we as a small store can do to influence this. Sweden has high taxes, especially the VAT that is 25% on virtually all types of products/services, this also applies to shipping costs. And in general, the prices for shipping are high even without VAT.
However, we want to point out that the products we sell are both unique and specific and many of our products are of the type that you only buy once. So even though the shipping cost can be perceived as high, especially for customers who order from a country other than Sweden, you can look at it from the perspective that our products have very low prices compared to other stores and some products can not even be bought elsewhere.

We look forward to your purchase and we can also offer excellent customer service, which not all companies offer.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2020-10-24 Sales to Norway is stopped…

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Now they are finally here! We now have Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM in stock!

They are here now!
Our long-awaited Armwrestling Straps – PREMIUM 💪💪💪
Our straps have also been affected by the ongoing Corona outbreak (not infected, however 😉), but with a loooooooooooong waiting time, so now it is little Christmas Eve when they finally arrived!
Get yourself a package here!

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Australia, Czechia, Italy, Norway, New Zealand & USA! We now provide shipping to a total of 32 countries.

Finally, our store can offer shipping to all EU countries as well as several new countries outside the EU!
The new countries we have added are:
Australia, Czechia, Italy, Norway, New Zealand & USA
We now offer shipping to 32 countries and we are aiming to increase that figure this year!

You can find our EU-store here:
You can find our International store here:
You can find our Swedish store here:

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New in the store! Our popular T-shirts are back again on a temporary visit!

A while ago we bought a small batch of T-shirts to check the customer interest. These were already sold out the same day we put them in the store.
So we decided to buy another round, but this time run with two different versions. To celebrate this, we offer them at a discounted price today until 11:59 pm tonight, so hurry up to get yours before they are sold out again!

This is the T-shirt with the print “Armwrestling only hurts first 10 years!”

This is the T-shirt with the print “Get strong or Get bent!”